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EZ Life Pool Party

EZ Life Pool Party

In 2011 EZ Life launched the first “DAYTIME POOL PARTY” in Varna. The events of “EZ Life” became one of the hottest destinations for recreation during the summer. With its incredible party atmosphere, the sounds of DJs and luxury poolside, they certainly became a place where everyone wants to be.

The 2014 season is opening in June and it is going to be spectacular! You will be able to enjoy your favorite artists and DJs in a new place in a new way.
This season EZ Life visited the Skyfall Zone at INTERNATIONAL, Golden Sands, to provide you with the most powerful sensation experienced during the hot summer days.

EZ Life awakens your senses desire in a summer atmosphere and causes your emotions to reach the peak of extreme pleasure. Combine indefatigable sense of summer life and luxury poolside with the sounds of established DJs. Hot breeze and ultra modern complex can reach the boundaries of entertainment, combined with ongoing party and many surprises. Ideal opportunity to make your summer memorable in the company of your friends in a place where the party is at a high pace and everyone is having fun.

One thing is certain: EZ Life is one of the hottest destination for entertainment in Golden Sands during the Summer!