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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Golden Sands ?
Golden Sands is one of the biggest and most visited seaside resorts on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Being marked as a Blue Flag resort, guarantees that the beaches and the sea at Golden Sands are kept clean and pollution free. Well known fact is also that the Golden sands beach is one of the best in Europe.

Where is Golden Sands ?
Golden sands is located only 17 km north of the city of Varna and is a popular tourist destination for visitors from Germany, Russia, Romania, Scandinavia, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, countries in central and Eastern Europe and even from the Persian Gulf and Israel. What attracts so many tourist to visit Golden sands is the warm climate, beautiful landscapes, and best prices for a seaside resort.

How can I get to Golden Sands ?
There are three ways to get to Golden Sands. The first one is to rent a car. People use this option to get a car waiting for them directly on the airport. The convenience of having a car is not negligible. The second way is by train but few people use it. Because you lose a few days in travel just to reach Golden Sands. The third way and most common is by flying to Varna or Sofia. And from there to use a transfer to your hotel or rent a car agent.
We provide everything to our customers. On our site you can book your stay in a hotel, buy plane tickets or rent a car, that will be waiting for you on the airport.

Which airport is closer to Golden sands ?
One of the advantages of Golden Sands is being very close to Varna International Airport, that is why flights are available during the whole year and there are regular bus lines from the city. The airport of Sofia is really far away ( 450km ) and you can not use a transfer from there to your hotel.

Can I make a reservation in a hotel from this website ?
Yes. You can make a reservation in every hotel that you see in this website. Just enter the page of the hotel and click on one of the links of our partners: or Hotelscombined. Our goal is to give you the ultimate guide of the Golden sands resort in Bulgaria. That is why we are the leading website for the resort. But why take our word for it, just ask Google 🙂