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The weakest cocktails you can sip all day on the beach in Golden Sands Bulgaria

The weakest cocktails you can sip all day on the beach in Golden Sands Bulgaria

What are the weakest cocktails that you can drink all day on the beach in Golden Sands without getting drunk and how to make them?

We did some research on the beach and after thorough testing and many days of nasty hangover, here is what we found.

  • As pretty as umbrella drinks are, they can be deadly. Always avoid mixing liquors with liqueurs and exotic mixes. Any liquor with soda or tonic water works well such as a long-time Golden Sands Bulgaria beach favorite of ours – local gold rum, tonic with a squeeze of fresh lime. We recommend trying White rum (bad for the liver), cranberry juice (great for the kidneys) and a squeeze of lime (helps prevent scurvy).
  • You can try a REBUJITO! In fact, it is tastier and less intoxicating than a Mojito. Rebujito is a traditional Andalucian summer cooler. You can make it anyway you like, but the basic recipe is 1/3rd very dry sherry (the drier the better) then topped up with Sprite, crushed ice and any garnish of your choosing. Mint works well, but fresh berries are great too!
  • Everybody loves a good Shandy to pass the time on the hot beach – Beer and lemonade and wine spritzers. Cheers!
  • Hard Lemonade: Make a tasty (preferably fresh-squeezed lemonade) and add either rum (regular or flavored like coconut) or vodka (plain or flavored) to your liking.
  • Hard Ice tea lemonade: Half lemonade and half iced-tea. You make that and add your spirit of choice in the quantity that you feel won’t make you drunk right away. Personally, we have a high tolerance, so we make it by filling the glass with ice, then half lemonade and half sweet tea vodka. (Flavored vodkas tend to have less alcohol content than plain vodkas).
  • Rum swizzle, the signature drink of Bermuda.

This is the recipe:

  1. 8 oz rum
  2. 5 oz Orange Juice
  3. 5 oz Pineapple Juice
  4. 6 Dashes of Angostura Bitters
  5. ? oz Grenadine or 2 oz Bermuda Falernum
  6. Pitcher 1/3 full of crushed ice

It’s an easy drink to sip, like a pineapple punch with just a touch of oomph. We had four plastic cups full on a 90-minute boat ride around Golden Sands, and didn’t even feel a buzz.

Enjoy sipping these drinks on the beach in Golden Sands without getting hammered (much 🙂 ).