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Tips for flirting on the beach

Tips for flirting on the beach

In order to have a successful encounter with a cold approach like flirting with a sexy gal on the beach in Golden Sands Bulgaria, We would suggest the following tips:

1. Know your limitations – if she’s totally out of your league, I’d start out with a target you’re more likely to be successful with until you gain the confidence and experience to move up the scale.

2. Have a game plan – What’s your objective – Are you there to just visit and flirt? Are you there to get a phone number or set up your blanket next to hers on the beach in Golden Sands Bulgaria?

3. Give yourself a pep talk – Check yourself out in the mirror first to make sure you’re presentable

4. Plan your approach – What are you going to say first – there’s three type of pickup lines:

  • a – cute flippant opening line – Cute flippant is the least successful – Example: “I don’t usually let cute girls hit on me, but for you I’ll make an exception”
  • b – Direct opening line – Example – Hi, my name is ………….what’s yours? Or “Hi – do you mind if I sit next to you?”
  • c- Innocuous opening line -“Hi, would you happen to know what time it is?” or “What’s good to eat here?”

5. It’s been demonstrated many times that generally women who are most interested in long term relationships respond best to innocuous and direct opening lines, while women who are interested in short term relationships or one night stands respond better to the cute/flippant opening line.

6. Gauge her level of interest if possible – You can really reduce your percentage of rejection to zero and boost your confidence at the same time when you know that the woman you’d like to approach is going to be receptive.

7. Visualize in your mind a successful encounter – It’s always a good idea to practice visualizing successful outcomes in your mind – studies show it will significantly increase the likelihood of doing well.

8. Use confident body language when you approach – smile, but not too much, establish strong eye contact – use the triangle look – from her left eye, to her right eye, to her lips and back again – stand at 45 degree angle – it’s the optimum angle to connect and not seem threatening

9. Be energetic and animated. Girls go to the beach to socialize and hang out. If your energy is down, you’re bringing her energy down. If you bring her energy down, you’re ruining her day at the beach. Make her laugh. Entertain her. Give her a reason to want to be around you instead of in the

10. Express direct interest in her. Because she’s at the beach to socialize, if you use an indirect approach (that is, using a subject unrelated to your attraction as a means to break the ice) you risk being put in the friend zone. She’s there to make friends, to hang out with friends. If she doesn’t know that you’re interested in her, you’re just another friend. Tell her she’s gorgeous. Tell her she picked out a phenomenal swimsuit. Tell her she has the cutest beach hair.

11. Be confident in yourself; that’s more important than how you look on the beach. While it is true that girls love fit guys, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder with a perfect beach body in order to get the girl. Confidence is just as attractive. When faced with a fit guy who doesn’t have the confidence to approach and a chubby guy who *knows* he rocks the joint, girls will almost always choose the guy who is confident in himself. Don’t worry about how you look in your swimsuit; worry about how you carry yourself.

Here are some bonus tips that are tested many times by our staff and have a high success rate in Golden Sands Bulgaria:

  • Bring a dog.

Dogs work like a charm. It’s OK if you don’t have one. Go dog sit your friend’s dog. Walking a dog on the beach is the best way to break the ice with any hottie.

  • Invitation to an organized sport.

Do you play beach volleyball? If not, you should consider taking it up. Inviting women to join an organized activity is the most non-creepy and efficient way of flirting.

  • Be a DJ.

Set up shop next to the girls you’re interested in, bring a wireless speaker and start DJing your own beach party. Then take requests from your neighboring hotties!

And remeber: Don’t over-think it just go for it!