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Arrogance Music Factory nightclub

Arrogance Music Factory nightclub

Arrogance Music Factory is a top nightclub in Golden Sands Bulgaria



When the gate of Arrogance Music Factory opens – the factory for the promised unforgettable party summer opens. The complex is the Golden Sands Resort, the place – the frontline, Astera Hotel. Only those who have been guests to the club know how the five halls may make memories, being alive until the beginning of the next summer season. For everyone, who has not set foot here or has not reached the necessary age in order to be admitted – here some basic directions.
Open the first map of the region, you have at hand, you can easily check Google Maps or orientate by the GPS navigation. Surf on-line in the gallery of our website or the social networks, where the emotions of the party-goers from all over the world are captured, and you will find out why this should be a must stop in the summer journeys of yours. Arogance Music Factory in Golden Sands Bulgaria is the club, at which within 5 minutes, you can find yourself in 5 separate clubs, having different music orientation. This is possible because it is enough to open the next door in order to receive access to another musical world. HOUSE HALL, R’n’B + RETRO HALL, PARTY HALL, LOUNGE HALL and BAR + BILLIARD HALL are the 5 halls in the club and you alone can imagine how much favourite music you can hear there. And if at any moment you want to change something in your evening – it is not necessary to wonder where to go, you can simply open the door in front of you and see what is happening there, because this is ARROGANCE MUSIC FACTORY – FIVE HALLS. FIVE STYLES. ONE PLACE.


If you determine your music preferences as being following the trends of the world house stage and culture – this is your hall at Arrogance Music Factory. The club atmosphere and quality selection of music are guaranteed. You will immerse yourself in colours and figures following the beat because the hall is equipped with the last generation 3D Light Show, the round bar will not leave indifferent, and the second one, expecting you there – simply you must see it! The space, which is different in any next moment, club styling, powerful sound – that’s it! Make a wish for it and go out of the standard.


This is the hall of the most emblematic R’n’B hits and all the pieces from the past, still being played. It is famous for its bar with lamps, however, it is the place at the factory, which connects the different music worlds and ages. It has 350 seats, a long bar and space for crazy dances! It is a matter of your imagination and favourite hits how to organize your night there.


You are a night bird – it is clear, you are a clubber – everyone knows it. You are accustomed to thinking in white when you hear lounge. However, if the night exhausts you, look around for the next door – it is the entrance to exactly this hall and in a moment, everything will be in dark graphite and silver. For night relaxation with a drink – huge beds, hand made furniture and screens. Lounge concept of a new generation – in the only way that Arrogance Music Factory understands it and may create it.


Each summer this is the hall, which brings that most temperamental mix, which makes the night, blood and emotions boil. Behind this hall’s door you will find the place of thematic parties – a Russian night, Latino night, Pop-Folk night or a night only with the latest hits, check which night of the week is and you will find out what expects you inside. The parties may be different, however, they are united by one thing – since you are here, it means that there will be crazy dances until the morning! 250 seats and fancy atmosphere in the nuances of the sunrise, sunset and bright sun suggests that this is the place where it will become hotter and hotter. Because this is why the summer is distinguished for being the most party, passionate and bright one among all seasons!


This is the new hall in Arrogance Music Factory! This is the final must have of our TOP 5 ideas of summer nights! Created for all who want to be at a hand distance from what is happening on the frontline in the complex, however, no losing touch with the factory and its pulse! The bar will spoil you with the most exquisite drinks and cocktails, while playing the billiards. It will not let you miss your favourite sports event or derby, live broadcast on a huge screen and pay attention – equipped with a leisure terrace opening as early as 15:00!

Hotel & SPA Astera
Golden Sands Resort

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