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Muppet Karaoke Bar

Muppet Karaoke Bar

Muppet Karaoke Bar

Muppet Karaoke Bar is one of the hottest night clubs at the heart of the marvelous Golden Sands resort and has been an attractive place for people from the whole world for 12 whole years. The club owns two bars, full of your favorite drinks, for sure. The staff is talented, well experienced and very friendly. The place offers two large movie screens and five large TV`s , where you can read and sing your favorite songs. Muppet Karaoke Bar has over 15 000 songs in its song list, from 60`s till now to satisfy every music taste. You will be amazed by the wide variety of drinks mixed with a great atmosphere. The bartenders will prepare for you sophisticated cocktails by your taste. If you are not a cocktail drinker, Muppet Karaoke Bar will keep you satisfied with a cold beer that will keep you up all night long and boost your social interactions. If you ever plan to visit Golden Sands, Bulgaria and if you are bored by the day to day routine. If you want to try something different and meet new friends, visit Muppet Karaoke Bar and prepare to have fun.

[map lon=”28.040477″ lat=”43.280693″ zoom=”17″ width=”95%” height=”300px” title=”Muppet Karaoke Bar” description=”Muppet Karaoke Bar” info=”true”]


  1. I’m sorry, when there will be a photo from 24th to 26th of July?

  2. Hello there Vika, Sorry for the Late answer. The Pictures posted here are personally picked by us or the owner to represent the establishment. If you want to see more actual ones you can visit the Muppet Karaoke Facebook Page at: Have FUN in Golden sands!!!