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The Strongest Cocktails That Will Get You Very Drunk Very Fast on the Beach

The Strongest Cocktails That Will Get You Very Drunk Very Fast on the Beach

You are on the beautiful Golden Sands beach and want to get completely hammered and fast?

These drinks will do the trick. We did an extensive testing on them and after we got sober again (a week later) we are sharing this knowledge with you. Enjoy!

  • An Apricot Ryhme always goes down well when the sun is shining and we’re adding it to our favorite hammer cocktails due to its increasing popularity. The name comes from  it’s main ingredients, Rye and Thyme. The sweetness of the apricot is cut with lemon and dry vermouth, making it a sunny day fruity favourite.
  • The Bushwacker. It was created in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Basically every ingredient is alcohol, but it tastes divine!

Drink 2-3 of these, you won’t even realize how much alcohol you consumed, and you will be numb.

The original Virgin Islands recipe is:

– 2 oz coffee liqueur
– 2 oz coconut rum
– 2 oz irish cream liqueur
– 2 oz vodka
– 2 oz amaretto
– 2 oz cream of coconut

Add ingredients with a scoop of ice to a blender. Top the frozen Bushwacker with ground nutmeg.

  • Caipirinha! It’s very sugary and with the Golden Sands sun… You’ll get drunk very fast..
  • Gasolina, a puerto rican cocktail. It comes in a pouch pack that is similar to a kid’s juice pack. However, this is not a kids drink, as the different cocktails that include Sea Breeze and Rum Punch pack 8% alc/vol. A few of these in the hot sun will certainly give you a good buzz! Why we love them for the beach is simply because of their packaging. The pouch pack includes a straw inside making it convenient, but it’s also easy to drink from  – no spilling while you are laying back on your chair or rest it in the sand and no bugs or sand flying into the drink. It’s also easy to carry -not as heavy as a bottle or can, and when you are carrying umbrellas, beach bags and chairs, you certainly want your cooler to be as light as possible without being empty! Finally, you can freeze them!! Who doesn’t love to drink a frozen drink while sitting in the hot sun, and it stays colder longer as a result.
  • The Drunken Beach Bum is the strongest and tastiest beach drink we’ve ever come across. With five different types of rum and a strong banana schnapps, this potent combination oddly tastes more like candy then it does booze.

It includes:
– Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum
– Bacardi Silver Rum
– Paramount White Rum
– Myer’s Dark Rum
– Bacardi 151 Rum
– 99 Bananas Banana Schnapps
– Pineapple Juice
– Orange Juice
– Splash of Grenadine

Combine all ingredients, shake well in a tumbler, top off with a floater of Dark Rum and if desired, garnish with an orange slice and cherry.

  • The Caribbean Voodoo Juice made with five (yes, 5) different types of Cruzan Rum. Voodoo Juice is a thirst-quenching, sweet concoction that goes down faster than expected. Served over ice, Cruzan Pineapple Rum, Cruzan Banana Rum, Cruzan Coconut Rum and Cruzan Citrus Rum are poured together, with a splash of cranberry juice and pineapple juice added and then topped with Cruzan Dark Rum. All you have to do is raise the bucket, toast and let the Voodoo Juice cast a spell on you!

Try some of these drinks on the Golden sands Beach, but heed our warning. They are very very strong. Unless you have amazingly high drinking tolerance, you will get completely hammered very fast.